Deceased Estate Cleaning in Auckland

Professional Odour Removal and Sanitising

CCL Services are specialists in deceased estate cleaning in Auckland. Deceased estate cleaning and restoration is a specialist area and it takes a very experienced company to manage the process efficiently and expertly with empathy and compassion. In Auckland region we are available for call outs to perform the following work.

Case Study One

Severe Human Urine Contamination and Deceased Estate Residues. 

This job had numerous severe human urine contaminations and residues from a deceased person. After the carpets and lower wall panels were removed, the subfloor is treated with our specialist chemicals to break down the residues and other contaminants . The whole house was then professionally sanitised and restored with new panelling, carpets and paint. The client was very happy with the finished products and the home was sold to a new family.

CCL SERVICES, specialists in deceased estates and violent death scenes to assist with odour removal and cleaning/sanitising. We do a professional job and work with integrity and honesty, keeping the familes wishes in mind at all times. We are experts in this field and have done many death scenes.

Our ozone and specialist santising chemicals make sure the site is safe for future dwellers